Company Profile

In December 2009, PT. Daya Prasaja Synergy (DP Synergy) was established as a service company specializing in electrical and mechanical equipment condition based monitoring solutions.

We concentrate on Predictive Maintenance, Switchgear Maintenance, Training and Support Services. Beside our services we also do general sales and trading.
Among our products are infrared thermography camera and infrared sightglasses for integration into larger predictive maintenance solutions. Our products are based on the most recommended tools used by the professionals.

Our service philosophy is formed by the collaborative manner in which we do services. Our motto is “We definitely love our jobs”. By drawing on the diverse talents and skills at our disposal we can work to perform innovative and meaningful services. We extend the collaborative processes we use within our organization to the project team; using the workshop model to engage clients, consultant and community groups in the development of the services.

We draw on our skilled support staff to deliver professional presentations and documentation, using a variety of predictive maintenance and other maintenance assessment techniques.

Our Vision is to achieve national recognition as a reputable company in predictive maintenance services field.
Our Mission is to be a leading company of a complete range of predictive maintenance services that we play a part in helping companies to achieve their goals.